What we do

Video has become such an important part of our lives and is now used in so many different ways both at work and at home.

Videos in some form or another pop up just about everywhere. There are also many benefits to companies when using video within social media, blogs and websites.

We help you to create inexpensive video for all types of uses and can also assist you with your existing video by editing, enhancing, adding sound and music.

Keep your precious memories alive for future generations to enjoy!

Cherish videos of family members .. their life stories and experiences captured forever.. an ideal gift for any time of the year.

Transfer those precious and special memories stored away, by converting your old DVD discs, video tapes, photographs and slides** to a digital format so that they are not only safer from degradation and harm, but are all together in one place and can be passed on from generation to generation.

We can convert, edit, add music and enhance existing photos, video clips and video cassettes so that you can then easily share them or watch them on your modern devices!

You could create your own family TV channel ready to watch all of those films, videos and photos easily and at any time.

We also make video clips for most uses such as families, education, social media and web video for small business

** photo slides converted by Corrie Jeffery. Corrie provides a professional service and her website is very informative, we have provided a link here.

Please do contact me if you need any more information, have any questions or need a quotation. 

Bring your photos to life - make the most of family photos that are stored in a box or album by adding sound and music, to watch anytime on your own TV!

Do you have any special events or occasions that you would like to have filmed or existing video that you would like to add sound, music, edit or enhance?

Videos create wonderful memories that are both inspirational and educational.
Capture fascinating stories of family members for future generations.

Video within social media and company websites is also probably one of the most effective tools in marketing for business.