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Grow your business using video

Are you a small or medium size business and want to grow your business using video marketing?
Most small companies and even sole traders simply do not have the time or a large budget in order to create a short promotional video for their business.
If you are looking for a solution, we would be delighted to help you.
We produce affordable video for business websites, Facebook and other Social Media posts.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Let us help you to create a video for your Website or Social Media post in 2020.

Revive those old memories

Why not convert your old videos and other media so that you can share and enjoy them on today's digital devices.
So get in the loft and blow the dust from those old memories!

Nuthurst Parish Speedwatch

The Community Speedwatch schemes are an excellent initiative which allows people in the local community to help make their local roads safe.

We are informed that the schemes, a joint venture with local parish councils and communities, have registered reductions throughout the area in which they were operating.

Roger Cato, one of the Group Coordinators for the Community Speedwatch in Nuthurst talks about the local scheme.

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A Special Day

A short clip from a video that we made back in the summer. If you would like any special occasion captured on video or your existing video edited / enhanced, give me a call or message me. 

Rolls Royce Phantom Eight - 2018

I while ago I was invited to take some video of a £400,000 
Rolls Royce Phantom 8. 

Check out the retractable emblem, the star studded roof lining (the actual constellation where the car is made), and the umbrella popping out of the door!

Thanks to Weststar Motors Sdn Bhd.

Feria de Horsham 2019

More clips from our videos

This video we made some time ago, features old spanish stamps within a picture frame.
Each stamp illustrates the national dress relating to a Province within Spain.
We needed to create a "slide show" featuring each stamp without removing the stamps from the frame.
Each stamp was photographed in situ and then enhanced.
A short video was then created from the result .

More clips