Converting media to a Digital format

Old VHS video tapes, DVD’s, Photos, Slides and other types of media can be converted, adding a personal narrative, music, and other enhancements such as subtitles and captions.
Imagine then being able to send old video taken years ago within WhatsApp messages and other Social Media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, InstagramTV and many more! - ask us for more details

Don't forget that old Film, Videotape and DVD's (optical discs) do not last forever.
Converting your media to a digital format allows you to re-live and enjoy those precious memories captured on film, VHS tapes, DVD's, Photos and Slides for years to come.

Converted video is also very versatile and easy to copy and send.
You can then store them safely for future or watch them easily anytime on your modern devices. Even create your own family channel on your TV!

Please contact me for pricing, any questions or other information that you may need.

Important information relating to Converting Media

Whilst we convert certain video formats here, in our opinion some items such as Slides, Cine film and certain Videotape formats need to be converted by specialists who concentrate solely on this task. They have also invested in the necessary professional equipment and who take particular care such as cleaning and scanning.

Photo Restoration
Nick Beech at Photowizard does a fantastic job or restoring those precious photos even if they are damaged, faded, creased or torn. Nick also colourises photos. A link to the website is here

Photo Slides
We recommend that Photo slides are converted by Corrie Jeffery. Corrie provides a professional service and her website is very informative. We have provided a link here.

Cine Film
Simon Papouis at The Cine Film Factory specialises in Cine film transfer.
The Cine Film Factory offer the expertise in restoration and preservation of all vintage film using systematic steps and then transferring using their state of the art unique transfer systems. Link here